Indie pick of the week

As aired on the KB Radio Wednesday night's indie show, my indie pick of the week aim to showcase either a different song from an album that is already played there or an entirely new artist that I've come across and appreciate. Each week, you will find here a short introduction to the song and artist/band plus links to listen and learn more about it.

Gregory M. Hurley "Be With You" 

The pick of the week this time is a song called "Be With You" by Gregory Hurley 

Gregory is an unsigned artist from Michigan that I've first heard a long time ago on SoundCloud. I was really happy to find such a great artist there (because let's face it, there's also a lot of crap on SoundCloud). On this song, you will hear his musicianship, his influences that are mainly classic rock, from The Beatles to Steely Dan, and many others in between. To note his always tasty slide parts, Gregory is a master at this, and this is just a little sample. BTW that song is the first single of his new album, that's just been released yesterday, May 1st. 

I highly recommend it. You should run and buy it right now! 

Hear more of Gregory on SoundCloud: 

Buy the album today: 
Twitter: @GregoryMHurley 

Alison Rose "Valerie" 

My pick of the week today is a song called "Valerie" from Alison Rose "Come a little closer" debut album. 

Alison is an unsigned artist from Ottawa, who has written and produced and apparently played most of the instruments on this debut album. 
This song shows a cool combination of pop vocals and melody with a rock and roll attitude.  

Pretty tasty!

Listen and buy the album on iTunes: 

Twitter: @AlisonRoseMusic 

Ebb & Nova "The Good Climb" 

Ebb & Nova is a 4 piece band from Maryland, with a distinctive folk/indie sound, which blends acoustic guitars and cello melodies with a soulful and charming female vocal, producing a great blend of peaceful and thoughtful music, along with great poetry. 

This song is from their debut album, which I really recommend. 

Get the song from their website along with the album:


Twitter: @EbbandNova 

Ortense Blue "Hammer and Chisel" 

Today's pick of the week is the song "Hammer and Chisel" from Ortense Blue,

Ortense Blue is a British artist now living in Wales, who is creating her own style of ambient folk music with a dark modern twist. Her songs are often bitter sweet, but always compelling and this song from her debut EP "Safe to make a sound" is one of the best and most representative of her style. 

I hope you will enjoy as much as I do. 

Get the song and EP on Bandcamp: 


Twitter: @ortenseblue 

Oh Tambo "Loophole"  

Oh Tambo is a band from Sweden. It's "Soulful rock by real people" in their own words. 

The song is a powerful rock anthem about warfare in the name of religion which questions why we can't live side by side with different beliefs.
Pretty heavy theme for a rock song, but they make it work here by contrasting soulful verses with hard pounding chorus. 

Well done guys! Really cool and powerful song.

Check the video for this song on Youtube:

Twitter: @oh_tambo  

SURfACE "Something in Between" 

The pick of the week this time is a song called "Something in Between" from SURfACE 

SURfACE is a duo from Florence, Italy. They have released a first album called "Youniverse (or the Hidden Worlds Within)" which in their own words is a "journey throughout their different worlds". This song has a great atmosphere, with dynamics alternating between the soft verses dominated by the percussion and the big chorus with delayed guitars.

Tasty song that I think you will enjoy. And the rest of the album is pretty cool too. Check it out!

Get the album on iTunes: 

Twitter: @SURfACEtweets  

Dandelion Charm "September" 

My pick of the week this time is coming from "Riding the flood", the freshly released EP of Dandelion Charm.

KB Radio listeners of course know all about Dandelion Charm, with their tune "Skywalker" from their previous EP that featured for a while in the KB charts. 
This one song is called "September" and it's another beautiful folk/prog/rock epic like these two do so well. 
Beautiful harmonies again on this one, and that characteristic 12-strings driven sound make this song another winner. 

Get this beautiful EP on Bandcamp: 

Twitter: @Dandelion_Charm 

Ana Patan "General Conspiracy" 

The pick of the week is a song called "General Conspiracy" from singer-songwriter Ana Patan 

The song has clever lyrics, infectious groove and spicey guitars.
Ana is a great guitarist who plays something else than the same old scales, and this is refreshing. 

It's a fun song about how everything is conspiring against her to reach her lover that day. I hope you will enjoy!

Get the song on Bandcamp: 

Twitter: @ana_patan 

The Strands "Feelin' it" 

The pick of the week this time is the song "Feelin' it" from The Strands 

KB Radio listeners probably know about the band with their song "Flying" which is in heavy rotation here. 
This one is another great song from their  "Entanglement" album. 

Again on this one, The Strands are blending jazz influence and pop immediacy with great effect. 
Have a listen and let yourself feel it! 

Get the album on CD Baby: 

Listen on Soundcloud:

Twitter: @TheStrands1 

Paisley Jura "26 Degrees" 

My pick of the week today is Paisley Jura with her song "26 degrees" from her album "Time is how you spend your love" 

She's a Canadian artist from Toronto and you will gather that when she sings about 26 degrees "on the wrong side of zero"...
I mean, how Canadian is that? 

The song is a clever blend of jazz and pop and many things in between and the production is outstanding and really makes the song shine and keep the attention with lots of clever little things going on. 

Get the album on Bandcamp: 

Check out Paisley's website: 

Twitter: @paisleyjura