Indie pick of the week

As aired on the KB Radio Wednesday night's indie show, my indie pick of the week aim to showcase either a different song from an album that is already played there or an entirely new artist that I've come across and appreciate. Each week, you will find here a short introduction to the song and artist/band plus links to listen and learn more about it.

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Paisley Jura "26 Degrees" 

My pick of the week today is Paisley Jura with her song "26 degrees" from her album "Time is how you spend your love" 

She's a Canadian artist from Toronto and you will gather that when she sings about 26 degrees "on the wrong side of zero"...
I mean, how Canadian is that? 

The song is a clever blend of jazz and pop and many things in between and the production is outstanding and really makes the song shine and keep the attention with lots of clever little things going on. 

Get the album on Bandcamp: 

Check out Paisley's website: 

Twitter: @paisleyjura 

Signals "Recuperate" 

For my pick of the week this time, I chose a song called "Recuperate" from the UK band "Signals" 

The genre is called "Math-Rock" whatever that is. To me it sounds like King Crimson from the 80s Discipline era have met with The Clash and have created this kind of adrenaline pumped yet brainy child. 

That song is representative of their style, with poly-rhythm and punch and that female vocal like a cherry on top. 
You will be able to tell people at parties you're listening to 'Math-Rock' from now on, enjoy! 

Get the song and the EP on their bandcamp: 

Twitter: @Signalsuk 

Dark Horse Flyer "High Five" 

You're in for a treat this week with this track called "High Five" from Dark Horse Flyer! 

They have mastered the classic rock to a T, and this song is a clear homage to Steely Dan, as you will likely hear. They even go as far as adding a wink to Deacon Blues and Black Cow!  
Everything about it is so well done, awesome arrangement and performances all over. This is no fake, guys! It's the real deal.
And the whole album is high quality classic rock, like it used to be.

Close your eyes and enjoy as I did! 

Get the album from their website, you can also buy a vinyl if you fancy it: 


Twitter: @DarkHorseFlyer 

Daisy O'Connor "Do Be Do" 

Such a fun song this one, called "Do be do" from Daisy O'Connor debut EP. 

Daisy O'Connor has such a distinctive style, a blend of folk, pop, country and her songs are always warm and fun. 
This song is pretty representative of her style, with her fragile but seductive vocal, and the arrangement is just so full of charm that it's pretty hard to resist. 

Try not to smile to much while listening to it! I dare you!

You can check out this song and more from Daisy O'Connor on her website:

Twitter: @msdaisyoconnor

Clint Slate "Dead of the Night" 

A great song from a French artist and his band this time with "Dead of the night" from Clint Slate's new "Woodn Bones" album. 

The cool thing about the album is that it has been entirely recorded in one take in a theater, it's not a live album though but they've used the theater for its acoustic and you will be able to hear the warm and live sound this gives to it. 

This one song is a bit dark but it's given a lift by the choir that is bringing a great power to the chorus. 

So close your eyes and enjoy!

Listen and buy the album here:

Twitter: @ClintSlate

Mirenda Rosenberg "Go" 

A real treasure of a song this week for you all peeps!

It's called "Go" and it's a new single from Mirenda Rosenberg who is an American singer songwriter now living in Ireland. 

She has been influenced by Curtis Mayfield, Bessie Smith, Ray Charles and Nina Simone, and clearly she's up there with these guys. And now Mirenda is revisiting the R&B/soul genre with fire and authenticity. 

In this song you will feel like you're back in the 60s with a groovy bass line and a horns section reminiscent of the best hits of Motown and Stax. Such a great sound here but it's Mirenda's vocal which is really pushing this track over the top. 

You can find this song on Soundcloud:
And buy it on iTunes here:

Twitter: @MirendaR

Kafkadiva "Maybe" 

Such a fun song this week for my pick of the week. You're gonna love it! 

It's called "Maybe" from the band "Kafkadiva" which is a trio from the UK. This song is from their debut album "Big Toes and Fingers" 

The whole album is quirky and fun, and they blend many styles into something of their own which is really unique and way cool!
This song is especially great in how the contrasts between the sections work and for the lyrics and the vocal delivery from Louise Wilson.
The whole album is great and full of surprise.

Get the album here:

Twitter: @Kafkadiva

Laughing with the Raindrops "Any Joke" 

My pick of the week this time is a song from Virginie Lacour-Puiboube's Laughing with the raindrops band's debut album. 

Virginie is a French artist, guitarist and singer-songwriter who moved to London to pursue her music career. She's been in various bands and has now formed her own band with seasoned UK musicians.

The song is the second one from this great album. KB Radio listeners might be familiar with another cool song that's been played often there called "Did I miss my cue?", but this is another superb song, called "Any Joke", that I chose because of its unusual structure and how it ebbs and flows.  

Starting in the middle of a jazz jam session, the song then blends into soul/funk and after many awesome detours, closes the loop with a return to the initial jazz vibe. Here, Virginie tells about this moment in time when you separate with a loved one, and how you ask people around you to tell a joke, "Any Joke".

Get the song with this great album here:

Twitter: @LaughRaindrops

Captain SIB "Ballad of a fading robot" 

It's a real pleasure for me to introduce my pick of the week: a song from Captain SIB "the greatest band you've never heard". 

Iain Fraiser and his crew formed a band in the UK 15 years ago. Then they spent a lot of time promoting others music on various platforms, but they are back in full force now and present on the internet and putting out their music which is very diverse and ranges from indie, electronica, rock/pop, rock out, not so hard rock and psychedelia...

The song I chose is one of my favorite among many others of them, it's the tale of a robot lost in space, and the song structure itself reinforces the pathos of this tale of loneliness and robotic desperation.  

Listen to the Rhodes, which is really the voice of that robot, and the awesome build near the end, complete with tribal percussion that would make Peter Gabriel proud.  

You can hear this song on Soundcloud and even download it there:

You can find Captain SIB on Soundcloud:

Twitter: @captainsib 

The Puss Puss Band "Bucko's Lullaby" 

For this week's pick of the week, I chose a band that you already know and love...  

They've been played on KB Radio for a while, they are in the top 10, I'm talking of course about the infamous Puss Puss band!  
Their track "Alone" is doing great on KB Radio and I think Al has played a couple of other tracks as well, like "Feline Fine" but I chose another one for my pick tonight.  

Truly I could have chosen any song from their debut album "Echoes across the cruel sea" because they are all amazing. This one is the album opener, it's called "Bucko's Lullaby" and it will put you in the mood for the whole album with this fun glockenspiel melody that grabs you straight away. 

This is a track that grows and ebbs and flows and right there you know this is not your ordinary band. With the beautiful understated piano/organ part of guest star John Rabbit Bundrick, Lee and Asa have managed the perfect opening track for the perfect debut album.

You can find The Puss Puss Band and buy their album on Bandcamp:

Also Soundcloud:
Twitter: @puss_band