1. Papercut

From the recording Papercut

Music and lyrics © 2019 Patrick Talbot
All instruments and vocals by Patrick Talbot
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Patrick Talbot in Studio GB, Montreal, Canada


You met her once, you met her twice
Somewhere in France, she looked so nice
You liked her then, but then again
You can't believe how bad it went
Somehow it felt like it was right
How come it ended up last night?

I know, it's not deep but it can hurt
Like a papercut
It all started as a flirt
Then the paper cut
No, it can't really break your heart
You won't fall apart
You just need another start
Get another part

You might be thinking "What a shame!"
That we're all playing silly games
And then when all is said and done
It doesn't matter she'll be gone
And if you're ever feeling blue
I wrote a little song for you

You just don't know what it's like
Until you've felt
That little something sad
That's slicing right across your heart