Excellence in Music Artistry: The word superb accurately describes Ghostly Beard’s new single from the EP Infinite.”

Paul J. Wolfe (Music Interview Magazine)

Words aren’t enough to describe the beauty of this artistic album really.”

Mena Ezzat (Rock Era Magazine)

I enjoy Ghostly Beard’s sensory box type of artistry where on the surface it seems so simple but really reflects a deeper meaning. Anxiously awaiting to see what else the artist develops this year!”

Lakisha Skinner (Klef Notes)

Frankly put, we are head-over-heels in love with Ghostly Beard’s sound, particularly the sound on his new album, Inward.”

Jay (Pitched Pro)

You'll walk away from Ghostly Beard's new album feeling like you've just heard something special. And well, you have.”

Tom Cameron (Happy Mag)

Ghostly Beard is one such artist who continues to amaze me, as he is unapologetic in showcasing reality whether it evokes happiness, sadness, or vexation – with this artist, it is all about the music’s interpretation and not the opinions of the masses. ”

Lakisha D Skinner (Klef Notes)

His captivating sexy jazzy sonic revelations draw the listener in, leaving them highly addicted to his effervescence.”

Eileen Shapiro (Indie Source Magazine)

Ghostly Beard proves that there are no limits when it comes to quality in music. Every song hits home, and hits home hard. Essential stuff if you ask me!”

Peter Cox (Your Music Blog)

I love the way he crafts the instrumentation in layers to build the song up to his guitar solo, always a feature to look forward to in a Ghostly Beard track.”

Fabrizio Vincente (MNGR)

Do you know when you are waiting for an artist to release a new song or album, and you build an idea in your head of how you’d like it to sound? His album starts exactly as I expected... So I cannot emphasize enough. Stop everything, and take some time out of your busy Friday, and listen to this brilliant album.”

Leo Melo (Bucket List Music UK)

A creative and talented songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a lot to tell us, which he expresses so beautifully through his intelligent lyrics, sublime vocals and dreamy, mellow soundscapes that draw from soft rock, jazz, pop, progressive rock and fusion, among other influences. ”

Jeff Archuleta (Eclectic Music Lover)