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  1. Close Your Eyes

From the recording INFINITE

Music and lyrics ©2017 Patrick Talbot
All instruments and vocals by Patrick Talbot
Recorded and mixed by Patrick Talbot at GB Studio, Montreal, Canada
Mastered by Adrian Jenkinson at Hairy Monster Studio, Hull, UK


And in the end
You can't pretend you haven't wasted all those moments
Faking laughter from the darkness of your heart

Yes, my friend
You'll have to face the consequences
Of your errors and your lies, betrayals and disguise

You better open your eyes now
Better open your eyes...

You've made amends
But as the years go by you find yourself
More tangled in the threads of weary bitterness

Look around
There's a reason why the doors have closed
In front of you, you know they've thrown away the keys

You better open your eyes now
Better open your eyes...

Is such a faithful friend of yours
You can't stop looking in her eyes, attractive deadly emptiness

If there's a chance
That all your failures be redeemed
You may find peace and quiet is hiding in the loving of a child

You better close your eyes now
Better close your eyes...