Unsigned partners

Because the unsigned world is full of amazingly supportive people, tv/radio hosts, podcasters, bloggers, youtubers, social media supporters, I felt that they deserved a page on my site. Here is a list (by no means exhaustive and perhaps slightly biased by my own interactions and taste) in alphabetical order.

I consider them partners, because the unsigned  world can only work when it's a two way street: they support us, we need to support them in return... 

So here's the list of some that I know of, to have interacted with them online one way or another, I'm sure there are many others, so expect this list to grow with time as I get to meet more...

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After Eight Radio @theafter8show
The After Eight Show is a music programme that broadcast over the internet every Tuesday evening (8 till 10pm UK local time). They feature various genres with a focus on good indie music, well worth a listen!
Ally's Attic Show Youtube blog @allysatticshow
Ally's big heart shines in her interviews and live shows on YouTube, she's into good indie artists and humanitarian causes, and supports both with a passion that is so great to see. Check her out ASAP!
American Pancake Blog @AmericanRobb
Lots to read on this great blog, "American" Robb is digging into all sorts of unsigned music and makes you want to hear the band he discovers. How cool is that? Pretty cool, if you ask me. Read and enjoy!
Anthony Rowsick Podcast @progsquatch
You need to hear that hairy beast to believe it. His shows are always a treat, featuring many indie acts and established prog artists alike. Quality is the name of the game here, just listen to it and you'll understand.
Atom Collector Records Online platform @AtomCollector
The idea behing Atom Collector is simple but cool: you get credits to have your music appear to other people listening, based on how much you listened yourself. Kind of a closed circle of music friends, but a good way to find cool indie acts.
Banks Radio Radio @BanksRadioAU
Spinning from down under, a cool internet station playing unsigned music. Isaac Banks and his crew are rocking it and you want to listen!
Belter Radio Radio @BelterRadio
Belter is a cool radio in the UK with many presenters and shows, spinning classic and indies alike. Get in the chatroom to find many people there and chat with the cool hosts like Karen @anne_jarry, Angel @Angel_BelterR and Graham @grecian13
Bernadette Barter Radio @barterb
Bernie host several shows during the week on rock-fm.ca, supporting indie music on her double-shot programs. Always tasty, always kind! Such a great lady and you really need to listen to her great shows!
BigTime Radio Radio @bigtime_radio
Ronnie's radio is eternally supportive of great indie music. His motto is to "Turn it up big time!" the way great radio should be heard! So turn it up and check him out!
Bob Levoy Blog @boblevoy
Bob is a U.S. Navy veteran and long time radio DJ who is using is love of music to help unsigned artists, writing thoughtful reviews and spreading the word. Support him as he is supporting us!
Bucket List Music UK Blog @blmusicuk
Leo Melo is writing from musician's perspective and his passion for indie music shines on this cool blog where ou will find great music reviews and features in English and in Portuguese as well!
Bushrod Music Radio Radio @Juliuswb
Producer/Musician/Radio station. Julius WB does it all! Featuring Soul, Funk, Hip Hop and R&B as well as great unsigned music. Check it out today!
Canada's Music Promotion @canadasmusic1
Canada's music is a group of supportive people helping Canadian artists on social medias, promoting their videos and content on Twitter and Facebook. Pretty cool initiative, eh?
Candice A Marshall Blog @camarshallsmc
A thoughtful writer with a love for good indie music that shines in her interviews and features. Works with Indie Music Bus/Indie Music Monday and SMC… 'nuff said! She's top indie supporter!
Catorweb Radio Radio @catorwebradio
Catorweb is another cool radio in The Netherlands but also online who plays all sorts of cool indie acts. As their listeners said "A Brillant mix of Classic Rock & new Indie Music". My kind of stuff, really!
Chatsong Blog/promotion @ChatsongMusic
Chatsong is a cool site which features reviews and an interactive chat where artists can leave their link and news. They promote indie artists by sharing their music and bios. Pretty neat, right?
Citywide Blackout Radio show @CitywideMax
Every Thursday at 8pm there is a show not to be missed on WEMF radio Boston, featuring the best music from then and now, you will get rocking with Max and Matt. Give this one a try and you will like it!
Cozmic Debris Blog/Show @DebrisCozmic
Cozmic Debris is a awesome supporter of indie music. An old timer like me who's passion for indie music shines in his blog and now his show on MusicMafiaRadio.net - one of the #OneFamilia. 'nuff said!
Debbie Scott Radio @DSRNDebbie
Debbie and Jon Scott have been around the music world, they know everyone and their energy and passion shines in various shows every evening on Spreaker. Great fun and great music always.
DJ Struth Mate Radio show @DJStruthMate
A great show host on West Star radio in Australia and ISX in Canada, you can say this guy covers the globe to feature indie music in his fun show, full of special effects and shenanigans. Fun to be on!
Dr DJ Jon Radio @Drdjjon001
A show host on Flobcast every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Great fun with a veteran radio hosts (and his useless tech) who loves good indie music and it shows(!)
Eclectic Music Lover Blog @JeffA92234
Eclectict blog as the name suggests, where you will find reviews and song lists and videos and "Other fun stuff". Jeff is also associated with the great Chatsong forum. Get a read and follow now!
EGH Radio Radio @EGHRadio
Stephen and Anne are yet other unsung heroes of the indie radio world. Check out their live shows, engage in the chat, they are fun to listen to and chat with on mixlr, you will meet many indie groups there to hang out with too!
Eileen Shapiro Promotion @EileenShapiro3
Eileen is the interviewer that stars dream about. She's funny and crazy and kind, and knows everything about performance arts. She's writing for too much online magazines to list here. Check her out!
FlobCast Radio Radio @flobcast
Another super cool radio in the UK, with their heart at the right place when it comes to playing indie music. Rob's dedication and love for music is pretty obvious in his programs. It will feel warm to be played there!
Fresh Unsigned Radio/blog @freshunsigned
Dean James' Fresh Unsigned helps promote good indie music from all over the world, on the air and on his blog, another great supporter of the indie world. Check him out!
Fyre and Ice Show Radio @fyreandiceshow
The Fyre and Ice show airs on Neue Regel Radio every Tuesday night at 8pm (EST) and is hosted by Ninja (tracie) and Pitbull (Amy) two avid music lovers and indie supporters. These two ladies sure got fire!
GigsAndFreudianSlips Blog @gigsnfreudslips
Independent music blog with quality reviews and features, songs, albums and gigs. Keep Georgia on your mind when you're looking for a good read and some great new musical discoveries.
Hot Rock TV Video network @HOTROCKTV
Online video shows featuring Country, Rock and Dance, including indie music. Created by Ronnie James, a veteran TV producer in Miami, Florida, part of the Galaxy Global Television Network. Check it out!
I'm Music Magazine Blog @ImMusicMag
"Do it with passion or not at all" is Johnny Price's motto. And he lives up to it with his super cool blog featuring indie reviews and interviews. Another essential read in the indie world!
Indie Music Bus Promotion @IndieMusicBus
When you hear that you've been selected to "riding the indie music bus" you know that you are up for a hell of a ride indeed. These guys are going to be pushing you to another level, by constant help and support and amazing opportunities. They are the king supporters of the indie world
Indie Music Women Blog @IndieMusicWomen
A reviewer whose focus is primarily on indie women artists, but more than anything, someone busting her ass off to support and provide promotion to cool women acts. I don't qualify, but maybe you do?
International Media Blog @dl7855
Denise's big heart and love for indie music knows no boundaries and extend her help to promote good artists on her blog, where she features reviews and thoughtful pages for artists she believes in. Honored to be counted in!
Irish Jinger Radio @irishjingeroffi
Cool radio hosts devoted to bring the best indie to the unsuspecting public ears! Listen every Monday at 9pm (France time) to get a good dose of great indie music.
ISSA Association @AssocIntl
Founded by Tamanie Dove, a great artist from Atlanta, the association is dedicated to supporting all independent artists. With thousands of members from all places and all genres, this is a new force in the indie world to be reckoned with. Why not join?
Itsezbreezy Blog @itsezbreezy
A classy blog full of interesting articles, new releases, videos and podcast interviews, you can't go wrong with Danny's eclectic taste and musical knowledge. Well worth a follow and read, as often as possible!
Jessica Golich Music journalist @JessicaGolich
Author of so many great reviews and features on tattoo.com that it's hard to keep track. Jessica seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of music and unsigned artists. From her reviews you can read someone who writes with passion and takes the time to connect with the music. Well worth following and reading!
Jimmy Star Radio/TV @drjimmystar
Jimmy Star needs no introduction from little me. But just in case you don't know the King of Cool, have a look at his great show where he and Ron Russel are interviewing all kinds of artists, stars or unknown, and where his passion for the indie artists is shining brightly. Like a star of course!
Jorge Rittatore Blog/Radio @jorgerittatore
Jorge's blog is a great collection of reviews and press release for everything prog related. He's also a great supporter of indie music and he's going to start a new show soon on ProgCore radio!
JP's Music Blog Blog @jpsmusicblog
Cool blog where you will find up to date news, albums and concert reviews served with taste by the one and only James Pasinski. Check it out today!
KB Radio Radio @KBRadio_Canada
KB Radio tagline "What radio used to be" really defines what veteran Al Yardi is all about: a passion for great music and connecting with his listeners.
KCEG Radio Radio @KCEGRadio
KCEG is a radio that plays great indie music 24/7… Submittin is free and Mike Leonard will play your tunes to his many avid listeners, you can also join the chat and interact with them. Now what are you waiting for?
Klef Notes Blog @the0riginalkiki
Lakisha Skinner (KiKi for short) is writing beautifully about music that she digs, which comes from all genres. She's all about passion and heart and it shows in her always tasty writings and her online interactions. And she's also a great singer!
La Villa Strangiato Radio @lavillachuofm
Gregory hosts a cool show focused on prog and good indie music on CHUO FM in Ottawa, every Thursday at 7:30pm EST. You can also listen later if you've missed it. Great guy very supportive of indie, what can I say? Just listen!
Limehead Radio Radio @LimeheadRadio
Mark and Rachael hosts many indie shows of the highest caliber. They are utterly supportive of indie artists and it's a big deal to get #VIRAL with them! Worth listening and checking out!
Lonely Oak Radio Radio @lonelyoakradio
Lonely Oak is playing indie music 18 hours a day. They have a system of selection where your rating according to their taste will determine how much and how long you will be played, which is pretty fair. You can also buy some promotion, but even without they will promote you, which is pretty cool, really!
Lyrically Speaking Blog @_LSMagazine
A new online magazine featuring interviews and reviews of songs and albums from a young reviewer passionate about indie music. We need more of her kind in the indie world! Follow and check it out asap.
Mr. Boagley Radio @ISXmr_boagley
ISX Radio has many cool hosts, and they are all awesome. Mr Boagley is one of them, and his enthusiasm for indie music is quite contagious on his cool show. Not to be missed on http://mixlr.com/isx-radio/
Music Hour UK Promotion @musichouruk
Every Mon (7-8pm) & Tues (8-9pm) - UK Time - they host an indie love fest on twitter, where every tweet you do with #MusicHourUK will get retweeted. And there are many participants join the party, how cool is that?
Music Interview Mag Blog @musicintervmag
A really cool blog/magazine featuring reviews and interviews penned by the impeccable taste of the owner Paul J. Wolfe, it will give you a taste of new music to try, and how awesome is that?
Music Mafia Radio Pordcasts/blogs/promotion @MusicMafiaRadio
Music Mafia Radio is much more than a radio. It's a set of shows with passionate hosts and related bloggers, with a unified goal which is about helping indie music be heard. Among the shows are Rick's Mafia Roundup and Cozmic Debris. The blogs are Cozmic Debris, Indie Artists Rule, Artistic Echoes and IndiePulse Music. What an amazing #OneFamilia!
Music of the Future Magazine @MusicOTFuture
Music of the Future is a magazine featuring indie artists of all kinds, with in-depth interviews, tour and album reviews and much more. Gemma who is the founder of MotF is a really supportive person who promotes the hell out of the artists she digs. Well worth supporting back!
Music Street Journal Blog @musicstreet
Music Street Journal is a very big blog with tons of reviews/artist features and interviews. They also appear in print, which is sweet! Tons of music to discover here with good editorial and great picks!
Music Talks Blog/promotion @MusicTalks_xyz
Tracey's Music Talks is a great blog where artists write their own stories. Not only that but Music Talks is also promoting the hell out of every indie artists she supports, is also hosting a FaceBook group with tips, and its Music Tips magazines are a must read! Oh! And did I say that Tracey is also an amazing singer?
Musically Fresh Blog @musicallyfresh
Do you like your music reviews fresh? Then this is the place. The team of writers/reviewers feature great indie music reviews/articles and playlists for your discovery pleasure. Get some fresh indie music in your ear!
NWCZ Radio Radio @nwczradio
Darrell "Big D" Fortune is spining great unsigned music on his show on NWCZ Radio every Thursdays at 6pm EST during the True Fidelity Show. A cool host for a great show, not to be missed!
O.F.I Monday! Radio @ofimonday
Playing new & classic indie music from the world over airing every Monday on UK Bite Radio and on replay on mixcloud. DJ Indie's mission is to promote great indie music and having fun during his cool show. I'd say that's worth listening.
Party Central Radio Radio @PrtyCentrlRadio
A family friendly all request radio playing a wide variety of music styles, indie included. Many DJs are playing there, amonth them @Dj_Gumster and @DjChvylvr who are both really cool peeps with a passion for good indie music.
Pit4Music Promotion @Song_Writers
With a shout of #Cooee (which indicates their Australian origin), this dedicated YouTube channel aims to support indie singer-songwriters by sharing their videos on the tube and on social medias. Great indie supporters that you'll want to follow back!
Premium Blend Radio Radio @premiumblendrad
The premium blend radio show hosts live events and air good unisgned indie music online and on the air. Check them out on Tuesday night from 7 to 9pm (UK time).
Prog Core Radio Radio @progcoreradio
Prog Core radio airs prog rock and indie music 24/7 with many great shows, from an international team of passionate people, in Canada, The Netherlands, the UK and the US. If you're looking for quality music, that's one to listen to!
Q108 Kingston Radio @MaestroRandy
From Kingston, Ontario, comes a great indie radio, the baby of a passionate owner who "discovered that unsigned music was just as good if not better than mainstream", now playing a blend of classic and up and coming unsigned music. A must listen wherever you are!
Rabbit Hole Repost Blog @rabbitholerpost
This blog features a new indie pick every day. With a really eclectic blend of music from any genres, get ready to discover something new!
Radio Casbah Radio @RadioCasbah
Featuring a broad range of local and unsigned bands, music reviews, philosophy, art and analysis, with many hosts helping the founder Michael Perazzetti, you will hear lots of great music there worth more than a passing listen.
Radio Saltire Radio @RadioSaltire
From East Lothian Scotland, a great radio with a plethora of fantastic hosts playing a wide range of music, old and new, while helping their community. Registered as a charity as well, you can't go wrong doing good while listening!
Radio Wigwam Radio @radio_wigwam
Another really cool radio featuring indie music in various shows. The hosts are pretty passionate and it shows (no pun intended :)), A really cool station to get your music heard.
Rain Rockin' Radio Radio @RainRockinRadio
Who doesn't love a rockin' radio with hosts passionate about great music and airing indie of all genres? I know I do, and so will you when you give them a listen! "Tunes you won't hear anywhere else" is their motto, love it!
Ralph's life / Brian's life Radio/Blog @fruitbatwalton
Ralph the Jack Russell was the star dog of the indie world, we need to remember him and celebrate Brian, is successor. With his blog and his shows on various radios and on SoundCloud and YouTube he's promoting good indie music. Give him a bone back!
RDSN Radio network @BuddhaManintexp
RDSN stands for Radio Domination Streaming Network, it's a network of 4 radios with focus on classic rock, metal, alternative and country. Built by Alan Lohr who is a veteran DJ/interviewer with a passion for good music. How do you like that, eh?
Reputation Radio Radio @ReputationRadio
Online Radio that you can also find on TuneIn, the radio that grows, and it will grow on you with a great mix of eclectic music featuring many unsigned artists for a rocking listen. Now with a members' site and forum where you can interact with the listeners. Worth checking out!
Rock News and Views Blog @rocknewsandview
Looking for a great blog that features indie artists by putting up plain page features and links? Pete's blog is for you. There are tons of great bands and links on his blog and Pete's doing it for love and his support is really top notch!
Rock on the Rise Radio Radio @RockOnTheRise
Spinning the best of signed and unsigned rock from Denver, Colorado. With a live show on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 5pm PST and a Saturday show at noon PST, you want to hear that!
Russ Evans Radio @RussJEvans
Every Sunday mornings on Ridge Radio Uk is a great time to listen to Russ Evans spinning many unsigned artists for his 3 hours Breakfast Show. A great way to kick start your weekend!
Ryan Corr Radio host @RyANCoRr96
Ryan Corr is a radio host from Scotland, playing all sorts with the "music experience show" on CumbernauldFM and it's great fun! A host with the most to follow and discover asap!
Shaun Geraghty Radio @shaunontheair
Shaun host the "Prog Mill" show on Progzilla.com, an amazing radio in its own right, and shaun highly selective taste and love for good music really shows and shine in his program. Listen absolutely!
SMC Blog/promotion @smcmagazine
Starlight Music Chronicles is a great blog with reviews, interviews and playlists featuring indie artists. Led by the indefatiguable Candice A Marshall, and in association with Limehead Radio, if you're not already following you don't know what you're doing!
Society's Basement Radio @societybasement
Apparently a labor of love from a passionate guy who like to air under the radar deep indie music on NuRock radio every Tuesdays and Sundays, now also on KB Radio on Sundays. Worth more than a passing ear, I'd say!
Sounds Good Blog @soundsgoodblg
Adam is another one of these passionate bloggers who make this indie world so worth exploring. Here you will find Albums/Eps/Singles reviews and interviews. Good insights on many genres, well worth a read.
South Waves Audio Podcast/Blog @SouthWavesRadio
Podcast host and blogger Jamie Dyer is showcasing unsigned artists and sharing his love of radio and helping people. A cool podcast to listen to and cool interviews on the website. Discover now if you haven't already!
Steve Kelly Radio @steve6978
Steve is spinning a mix of great unsigned music along with some classic tracks during his marathon Monster Playlist show every Wednesday nights on Fylde Coast Radio, that's one show you don't want to miss!
Steve Luff Radio @steveluffradio
On Black Cat Radio every Friday from 9 to 11pm (UK time) Steve shares his love for good music, be it the oldies but goldies or new indie acts. Listen to his fun program and let him know you care!
Strange Label Radio @strange_label
"The Best in Internet Talk Radio" is what you get with that Strange Label. With many live shows, and great music with cool hosts, you can't go wrong with that one.
Strawberry Tongue Radio Radio @stradiomusic
Another cool radio in the UK! They state that they are "Postpunk. Post-grunge. Post-glam. Post rock. Post disco. Post. Everything." - at least they are not Post good music! And that's a great thing. Check 'em out!
Ten Midnight Blog @10Midnight2
A cool blog with a mission to discover inspiring new music that brings power, passion and melody to those who wish to listen, the way John Peel's late night radio show did back in the days. A cool place to read about new bands and artists.
The Artful Axolotl Blog @artfulaxolotl
With such a name, you might wonder what this is about. Turns out that his blog is a very supportive place that aims to shine a light on indie labels and artists with reviews, playlists and much more. Read and appreciate!
The Balcony Radio @thebalconypa
The Balcony is a radio show on no less than 5 radios and featuring great indie music of all genres. It is the baby of Ann Thatcher, assisted by 2 other DJs. Cool indie supporters, the lot of them. Listen and enjoy!
The Bandwagon Network Radio @TBWNRadio
An internet radio station dedicated to only playing music from unsigned, small label, and independent label artists from all over the world. Listen to the best in Indie Music 24/7 - 365 days/year!
The Hardworking Creative Blog @thc_creative
A cool new blog from Hailey Hudson @haileyh412 meant to showcase "anyone who's bursting with a dream", which means opened to all arts with a heart. Worth a follow!
The House of Prog Radio @House_of_Prog
The house of prog is an amazing radio airing all sorts of prog/classic/indie rock music. With passionate hosts like Mike Maffei, Tony Romero, Ian Beabout, the live chatroom is always full of cool people with a passion for great music
The K-Dawg Radio @ISXKDawg
The K-Dawg is a radio host for ISX Radio, which is a great radio playing indie music on various shows, "Sniffing out the best indie music from around the world" as they say. So how about being sniffed, eh?
The Mad Music Asylum Radio @MadMusicAsylum
Uncle Duke's wide musical tastes shine in a variety of shows along the week, while the radio itself is streaming 24/7, spinning all sorts. The indie show is one to follow and the radio website is also hosting album reviews that reflect Duke's eclectism. Give it a try!
The New Music Food Truck Podcast @NewMusicFoodTrk
If you're hungry for new unsigned music, and like it hot and spicey then you're in for a treat with the New Music Food Truck. Playing only the tastiest new tracks from around the world, follow and listen to Zac and Jim's awesome show on a tons of radio and available as a podcast everywhere.
The Retweeter Promotion @markwinder8
Mark is a great guy who's been suffering from double spinal fusion, and has turned this into a positive by dedicating his time to support indie artists and promoting them on social medias. Give him a like and support his fundraiser!
The Rock Box TV Youtube show @TheRockBoxTv
You have to check Remo's show on Youtube if you like discovering great new indie bands videos and music, as well as news from the indie world. Essential show to subscribe to now!
The Unsigned Library Licensing platform @Unsignedlibrary
A platform to be, owned by independent artists, that aims to feature unsigned music for licensing, rewarding artists 100% of the license fees. A worthy project that needs to see the light, so share around and back them up!
The Yanki and the Brit Podcast @yankiandthebrit
Hilarious show on Spreaker, with fun and banter by the two co-hosts. You will get a dedicated Country Saturday night, but also independent sundays, worth a listen. Get in the lively chat and have fun with the Yanki and the Brit!
THERUNNNER Radio @therunnner
There's no short of "n's" in the runnner but it's because of all the "and"s in what he does: radio, artist promotion, interviews, music and movie reviews, music production. There's always something going on, so check him out!
Titus Jennings Radio @TitusRadio
The "Titus Jennings Experience" will get you played on so many radios that I've lost count... he's everywhere spinning great unsigned music with his quality show. Top guy and huge supporter of unsigned music!
Tuesday's Live YouTube show @allindie
A new video show from 2 veterans radio hosts, Mark & Rich, with an unscripted/live refreshing approach interviews and music, all indies welcome. Another essential show to discover the artists of tomorrow, today!
Universal Soundscape Blog @univ_soundscape
A cool blog with a really nice design featuring many indie artists with reviews and press releases, any good music is welcome with Shaun's eclectic tastes. A really cool place to be.
Unsigned Coalition Artists Defense #UnsignedCoalition
The Unsigned Coalition is a collective of artists and partners created for the defense of artists, to raise awareness of the issues in the music industry and give a voice to unsigned artists and tools to educate their fans. Essential place to be!
Unsigned Hour Promotion @unsignedhour
Not only do Stephen and Anne host great indie radio shows, but they also help promoting your content on Twitter during the unsigned hour every Friday 8-9pm UK time. Use the #UnsignedHour treat and share the good stuff!
Urban Craft Magazine Blog @Urbancraftmagzw
A great online magazine with news ands stories from the fashion and music industry, focusing on what's new and cool. Check it out and you will like the blend of in-depth articles and reviews. Publishing a great newsletter magazine that you will be wise to subscribe to as well!
U-Rock™ Radio Network Radio @urockradionet
Rocking unheard, unknown band on a network that spans the continent, a radio that tells you when they select your music that "U Rock!", now this is something to listen to!
VoiceBoxLive Blog/promotion @GongleShanks
The Grimniens are a funny group of supportive people, tweeting and promoting indie artists of all sorts, be it music or writing or graphic arts. For example check out the Megastar Gongle Blog's hilarious and supportive reviews.
Wud Records Label/promotion @WudRecords
Independent label and promoter, follow them on Twitter and you will know if you've been "wudded", they create monthly playlists on Soundcloud where you will get all sorts of unsigned music. Cool peeps to know!
Your Music Blog Blog @YourMusicBlog
Your music blog is the home of Peter Cox, an eclectic musician in his own right, with many contributions to the rock genre in various bands, his blog hosts reviews and news and showcase indies with short but thoughtful features. Essential!
Your Music Radio Podcast @_chris_leon
Chris Leon's show is high quality on all accounts: great music, great sound, great host. Chris takes the time to pick up the music he plays and insert cool interviews with indie artists in the blend. No wonder his show is growing up so fast in the podcast charts!