1. Peace of Mind

From the recording Peace of Mind

Music and lyrics © 2020 Patrick Talbot
All instruments and vocals by Patrick Talbot
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Patrick Talbot in Studio GB, Montreal, Canada


When the clouds are dark and low
And there's nowhere else to go
And now you find yourself alone

You've traveled far and wide
To find a place to hide
Don't forget I'm on your side

When all your dreams are far behind,
And all your fears have left you blind,
You well deserve that peace of mind

(It's) Another helpless day
To keep these thoughts at bay
When everyone has come and gone

If only you could tell
How bad you ever fell
But who would listen to that song?
Who would listen to that song?

When you've lost your sense of time
When there's so much more to climb
And you can’t face it on your own

If you make it through the night
The sun might make it right
Shining on your face once more

With all your dreams so far behind,
And all the fears that leave you blind,
You will deserve that peace of mind
You will deserve that peace of mind