Artist friends of Ghostly Beard

Here you will find, in no particular order (other than alphabetic), fellow artists that I appreciate and that you might like too... No genre barrier here, because I believe in eclecticism, just good music from artists worth checking out...
Have a look at their website (click on their name), follow them on Twitter (click on their @handle), and say hi! They will love hearing from you!
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A Blue Flame @ABlueFlame
With a pop sensibility and an eclectism that spans from blues to jazz and folk, the songwriting of Richard Stone is indeed among English best. Give your ears a little treat and discover this music now!
After Alice @afteraliceband
Classic hard rock with a modern twist. The way they used to do it. This rocking duo from southern California knows how to rock and I defy anyone to stay put and not bob their heads while their album is playing.
Alfred Gómez Jr. @alfredgomezjr
The music of Alfred Gómez Jr. is so cool, it makes you want to put your shades in, even in the middle of the night. A genius blend of Latin and R&B music with Alfred's smooth vocals and a superb sense of groove.
American High @americanhigh1
A pop-rock band with a knack for cool melodies and uplifting music where you can hear influences from folk, sixties and punk rock. They are in it to fight for human rights and that's rare enough and great enough to be noted.
Ana Patan @ana_patan
If, like me, you like groovy rhythm, great guitar and good songwriting, you might want to have a listen to Ana, her "General Conspiracy" is so clever and cool. Can't wait to hear more from her upcoming album!
Audiodeluxe @audiodeluxeHQ
Audiodeluxe's style is firmly anchored in electro but ventures in many other genres, from shoegaze to pop, to krautrock. Hypnotic and often broody, with a soft female vocal on top as a striking contrast, give these ones a try!
Aureya Rose @AureyaRose
The music of Stacey and Dave makes me smile. It's a simple as that. You should see if it will make you smile too. I bet it will. Cool songs, nice piano driven pop duo, aren't you listening yet?
Barbra Lica @beelica
With a voice that's a cross between Norah Jones and Blossom Dearie, a great Toronto singer songwriter, with a knack for infectious, jazz infused pop songs, it's hard to resist the charm and fun of her self-deprecating songs, check her out asap!
Barley Station @BarleyStation
Barley Station's music is earthbound and fun, with shades of southern country and blues rock which evolved into a tasty soft rock on their latest releases. Class act to listen to asap!
Bedrokk @BedrokkV8
Amazing band with a classic rock style and feel, with a great lineup of accomplished veteran players, Bedrokk is the Canadian band to follow and listen to when looking for quality rock anthems.
Belinda M @beeemmusic
This lady has something to please everyone. Alternative rock and soul, with touch of pop with good lyrics and the vocal chops to sing them. No doubt you'll like her too!
Best Not Broken @BestNotBroken
High energy shows and catchy, power pop/rock original songs. Drawing from Brit Pop, Alternative Rock, New Wave, and their own unique brand of singer-songwriter sensibility, the band from Boston is one to discover!
BetaPSI @BazB2014
BetaPSI is an experiment coming from the urge of making music, coming from a music lover who has been listening to many genres, and is now creating her own blend. You're bound to find tracks you'll love in BetaPSI's cloud.
Birds on Clouds @birds_clouds
Swedish dreamy indie pop band from Sweden, they have a fresh sound, mostly acoustic and fun, with violin and female vocal harmonies. Tasty stuff to discover asap!
Biscay @BiscayMusic
Outstanding musical chops and ironic lyrics delivered by the sensuous alto of Eléa May, coming from London, UK, this band has everything you can dream for when it comes to funky, jazz-fusion and catchy songs. Give them a try today!
Blue Helix @bluehelixmusic
Alternative rock with a perfect blend of melodic rock, heavy grunge and cutting edge modern rock? How does that sound to you? Intriguing, right? These guys make it work, with a sound of their own and great songs to go with it.
Bora Özkan @ozkanbora98
If you're into ambient, guitar loops full of mysteries and vibe, give a try to Bora's music, it will bring you on a journey inward that is ultimately satisfying.
Bud Collins Trio @BudCollinsTrio
Hard to describe the Bud Collins Trio, really, are they even a trio? On their cloud, I see 9 names... Space pop is perhaps one way to put it, although one can hear a lot of various influences. It's often surprising but in a good way. Check them out!
Captain SIB @captainsib
"The greatest band to have never gigged." I mean with a tagline like that, you have to give it a listen, right? So sail away to his SoundCloud and you will be surprised!
Cat Beach @catherinebeach
Cat Beach deep voice and funky rythmn blues/rock is sure to make you smile and want to dance on a table. Her energy and drive is coming from deep roots, overcoming many curved balls, but she managed to keep a positive view of life that shines in her awesome music.
Chris Watkins @chrisdrunkpoets
Chris music is profound and sincere, no wonder his band was called "Drunk Poets", he's got such great lyrics and music that goes with it.
Clint Slate @ClintSlate
A one man band turned 30 people, and with great music. You will need to watch out for the stunning album recorded live on stage in one take, coming out soon. Amazing tasty goodness!
Codie Prevost @codieprevost
If you like your country with a modern rock twist, a super voice and catchy rocking song, try Codie Prevost and you won't be disappointed. Pro tunes with a pro sound, rock on!
Dandelion Charm @Dandelion_Charm
"CSN meets Yes"? Ooh! How can you resist that? I mean I just discovered these guys and the music fits the description. Real tasty with great harmonies and tasty arrangements. Musicianship is up there too!
Danielle Haskell @DanielleVHaskel
If you're looking for a thoughtful pop artist with depth and a knack for writing quality catchy song sung by her truly lovely voice, have a listen to Danielle, follow and support!
Dark Horse Flyer @DarkHorseFlyer
If, like me, you're a big fan of Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers and that kind of jazz tainted rock, then you must listen to these guys. Just bought their latest album "Hotel Paradise" and this thing is a beauty.
David Sambola @the_observer504
David is a brooding songwriter with an often gritty sound, loves music that builds or explodes, depending on the mood. It's different and well worth a try.
Didi @IamDIDImusic
Didi is creating a tasty blend of high energy rock with a pop sensibility in her songs. Doesn't hurt that she is a great musician with a cool voice and also a renowned producer in the UK. This can be heard in the pro sound and arrangements on all her songs.
Dinachi @DinachiOnuzo
Awesome blend of pop, folk, soul and gospel, with a soprano voice that has a lot of depth, thoughtful and masterfully produced songs that will charm and make you think at the same time is what to expect from Dinachi.
Earthshine @earthshine_m
Peter Cox has many musical projects. This one is the most peaceful, dream-like you can think of. Ambient goodness, new-age and cinematic, there is a real depth to his music that will make you smile and dream. Give it a chance!
Ebb & Nova @EbbandNova
A cool band from Baltimore playing their special blend of alternative acoustic indie and folk, with great musicianship and fun tunes. You want to listen to that!
Eliza Sayers @eliza_sayers
A deep soulful voice for such a young lady, but her songwriting is on par with the best, check her "Pillar of Salt" for a taste of great acoustic sound and that awesome voice like a cherry on top.
Elizabeth O.S. Chute @Passion_Meaning
Elizabeth's piano pieces are wonderful vignettes of nostalgia and passion and her love for music also shines in her excellent blog. A women of substance for sure! Grab a glass of wine and let yourself dream over her wonderful music.
Emma Caiman
Emma is a poet, a songwriter, a musician. A complete artist. Plays piano and cello and flute, record and engineer everything, writes amazingly haunting songs with a style of her own, sung by a voice that comes deep from within her soul.
Erica @EricaBand10
From their name, I thought this was a chick. But when I listened to their ballsy rock, there was no doubt left. Get a dose of high energy drink or get a dose of Erica, personally my choice is made.
Erin At Eleven @ErinAtEleven
Scottish guitarist/singer as she says, with an often gritty sound and honest, to the point songwriting. If you're into that, then you'll definitely want to hear and support her!
Excorde @ExcordeOfficial
Alternative/classic rock, with some prog-rock influences, by an international duo of songwriters. Their sound ranges from epic to intimate, sometimes within the same song, and is featuring Jimena's very distinctive and heartfelt lead vocal. Give it a listen!
Fiona Ross @fifross
If you like your music with a big dash of jazz goodness, tasty latin arrangements, and a voice that swings and sways and charms, Fiona's music is for you! Classy is her middle name.
Forest Field @forestfield_nl
Cool band in between prog rock and classic rock, with now 5 albums out, they deliver great musicianship and cool melodic arrangements with a rocking background that will make you bob your head. More than worth a listen
Free To Grow @freetogrowband
What an amazing blend of classic rock, folk-rock, prog and overall awesomeness by this group of 9 (yes, nine) musicians! Their sound is big and warm as to be expected with such a lineup of seriously talented artitst.
Free Willy @freewillyband
If you are into country/bluegrass and love music that is fun and toe-tapping, then you definitely need to check them out. Their first album is a joy to listen to and I hear there's a new one in the works…
Freedom To Glide @FreedomToGlide
A progressive rock band that is not falling into the clichés of progressive metal, and favor musical depth over unnecessary virtuosistic demonstration, that's what you get from this UK band coming formed of veterans of a Pink Floyd tribute band. You can hear they've learned from the best!
Fytakyte @fytakyte
Hard hitting infectious riffs, off-kilter lyrical observations and sudden harmonic left-turns, that's what you get with Fytakyte, the eponymous band from musician/producer extraordinaire Andrew Gosden. Check out his music asap!
Gaillion @gaillionband
Great progressive rock band with a rocking energy. Their prog is often tainted with hard rock, but their musicianship is good to hear. Give them a listen if you're into prog that shakes hard.
Gandalf's Fist @gandalfsfist
Medieval space rock. That's how they define their sound. So if with that you're not interested, I don't know what I can say to make you listen. They just don't need no introduction, they are just that great!
Garrett @garrettband
Cool duet with a great sound that reminds me of 70s/80s hard rock. What is called AOR music nowadays. Pretty impressive music that stands the test of time. This might rock your boat too?
Georgia Fearn @GgFearnMusic
A young singer-songwriter from Wales who penned a fantastic debut album, where she boldly explores many genres from pop to rock to alternative indie, I'd say it's well worth a listen!
Gregory M Hurley @GregoryMHurley
Talk about usigned gem! This guy's music is classic rock with so much gusto, his slide work is to die for and there's no other word than class to define his music. An absolute must listen!
Guy Paul Thibault @gpthibault
Acoustic driven rock by a guy from Nova Scotia (yay Canada!) who's been around as they say: an accomplished songwriter who has a knack for powerful rock with a sense of melody and hooks that will get you and won't let go.
Hannah Clive @hannahclive
Hannah Clive has lots for her. It's hard to pinpoint her music as such, I hear as much Country influences than folk, Tori Amos and Classic Rock. Quite a tasty blend served by a great voice and pretty cool production.
Hoss @HossMusicSATX
Classic classy country rock with an edge, but a warm sound and bob your head groove, this guy's songs will make you want to jump on the table and danse.
Hubris Music @HUBRIS_music
Acoustic rock with a sound of their own. Driven by steady acoustic guitars that sometimes feel like extended jams but are trippy in the way Led Zeppelin acoustic was.
Izzy Finn @IzzyFinMusic
Izzy has that kind of voice that makes you want to hear more, as simple as that. Not to mention that she's writing catchy songs, proof being her latest "Are You in Love" which is an earworm of a song.
James B @Jamesbaconx
Meaty for sure, as is his surname, Bacon. His catchy rock tunes are sure going to please the most demanding music fans, with distorted vocals and a style of his own. Give that one a try!
James Ryan @jrpmusic
Tasty funky/bluesy acoustic guitar with a great voice on top, bare naked blues and songs, it helps his top voices to shine. For a cool summer night with a beer in hand.
Jayber.C @jayber_c
If you're tripping over sophisticated synths waves and electronic music inventiveness, then you will be delighted with this guy's hypnotic tracks. Give him a listen now!
Jayna Jennings @JaynaSongs
Jayna is a singer songwriter with a taste for country and soft rock, which goes so well with her lovely voice. That sweet angel voice is the reason you will want to hear more of her music, and you will be right.
Jesse Thom @jessethomtweets
Jesse Thom is a multidisciplinary artist and meditation coach living in BC, Canada. You want to hear his beautiful songs that combines hearfelt lyrics and warm acoustic sound. A poet and a dreamer that will charm you with his universe.
Jimmy Armstrong @evesdadisbest
If you like classic rock, you have to give Jimmy a listen. With his 3 Men Jamming band of friends or as a solo artist, you will be in for a treat of rocking songs, cool arrangements and tasty guitars.
John Robson @JRobsonGuitar
John is a veteran session player who's also doing tons of cool guitar tutorials. Moreover, if you like guitar heroes, the like of Rory Gallagher, Jeff Beck or Eric Johnson, you really need to listen to John's solo music.
Jubekyth Music @jubekyth
With a style that encompasses rock, pop and electronic often in the same track, you're bound to be surprised by this guy's music. If you like a different blend, why not try this one?
Just Suzanne @justsuzanneSF
Sexy, timeless, relevant. If like me you are a sucker for smooth jazz, sultry female voice and tasty laid back music, you're in for a treat with this lady. Couldn't find a website but she's on the tube with awesome music.
Kafkadiva @Kafkadiva
Quirky, fun, funky, juicy, jazzy, bluesy, dancey rock pop! Their music lives up to all these epithets. One can hear many influences in their songs served by great musicianship and tongue and cheek sweet vocals. Listen asap!
Kalina & Kiana @Kalinaandkiana
Formerly known as "Rocky's Revival" the two siblings write and perform their pop songs, with a country rock background in a tasty blend they call "Poetic Pop". It's fresh and melodic and you will be charmed by their cool songs and great harmonies.
Kaprekar's Constant @Kaprekars
Soft prog reminiscent of early Genesis or the Canterbury scene, cool acoustic sound and inventive music that left you dreaming of their tale of ancient times.
Kim Wainwright @KimWainwright
A singer songwriter from Perth, Australia with a taste for blues, rock, folk, country and anything in between. With great songs and superb musicianship, check out his latest "Retrospect" album. You won't regret it!
Laptop Philarmonic @ltphilharmonic
Cool blend of electronic music and various influences, with a style that is often surprising and fun. The world needs something different like that too.
Laughing With The Raindrops @LaughRaindrops
Virginie's eclectic taste is reflected in her band's music. She's writing songs with depth and taste that is always a treat to listen to! Giver her original quiet storm contemporary jazz soul (yep, that's a genre!) a chance, I guarantee you won't regret it!
Let's Go Camping @gocampingband
A fun band with a funny name from the UK. They have a taste for acoustic driven pop with cool harmonies. If it sounds like your thing, then it's worth investigating!
Lissy Taylor @LissyTaylor17
A UK singer songwriter with a unique pop/Americana/blues sound that's more usual to find in Nashville than in rainy England, with a great fragile voice and thoughtful songs, that's what you get with Lissy, a great artist to discover!
Looking Glass Lantern @glass_lantern
The two yet released concept albums based on Sherlock Homes short novels and novel have a taste and sound of seventies prog, the kind that Genesis and Steve Hackett used to do. It's tasty and complex and warrants many listen.
Lou Yse @LouYse1303
Lou Yse's universe is one of musical adventure. Her dreamy textures and modern sound are topped by breathy vocal that will murmur poetry right in your ears. Headphones recommended for the full effect…
Lunar Rogue @lunar_rogue
Two dudes and two chicks, rocking the indie world. You got to hear their tasty rock, full of raw energy and great vibe. Reminds me of a time where rock was actually rocking the planet.
Madison Mueller @_maddiemueller_
Maddie is only 17 but you wouldn't know from the maturity of her songwriting, served with an awesome voice that will charm you instantly. Her new single is really a breath of fresh air, and she's going to go far, guaranteed!
Marina Avetisian @marinavetisian
Smooth as silk, sensual as a siamese cat, Marina's soulful music has everything to charm and satisfy your ears. Mellow, dreamy and jazzy, with a voice to die for and heartfelt lyrics. Listen to that!
Milk N' Honey @milknhoneyband
Cool band that seemlessly blend acoustic driven rock, funky bass and great harmonies in a style that could be seen as folk-rock, but has generally a lot to offer.
Mirenda Rosenberg @MirendaR
Jazzing the blues in a unique blend of such quality that it becomes the essential soul, that's Mirenda's music for you. Heartfelt and groovy, I wonder how I could have missed for so long! Have you?
Mojo's Army @mojosarmy
Mojo's Army is alternative rock with a sense of adventure and experimentation, with a sound that is often driven by heavy guitars and a vocal that's like no one else. Dare a listen, it's worth it!
My Dear Wendy @My_Dear_Wendy
Smart piano driven pop with depth, a dash of country and rock sound, spotless production, served by a distinctive voice that will grab you and refuse to let go. Well worth discovering!
Neil and Adam @neiladammusic
When it comes to catchy song, with cool vocals, harmonies that makes you smile and tasty guitar driven pop rock, Neil and Adam are just what the doctor ordered!
Network @Networktheband
Tasty rock, with a knack for good melody, piano driven arrangements and soaring guitars. Also check Joe Tavano's solo project, while you're at it. Both great to listen to.
Oh Tambo @oh_tambo
A great new band from Sweden, playing "Soulful Rock by real people" in their own words. Their rock is one with a conscience. It's heavy but thoughful at the same time, and they make it work with great taste and musicianship.
One Step From Everywhere @onestepfrome
A great band from Seattle rocking the rock blues and soul, with a southern twist. Seasoned players with a knack for cool grooves, tasty guitars and fun songs, you will not go wrong with their latest EP. Check them out!
Open Strum @OpenStrum
Pretty cool Canadian songwriter, with a taste for open tuning guitars, a great voice and an adventurous sound that will make you dream and smile. What more can your ask?
Ortense Blue @ortenseblue
A great singer-songwriter with a folk background but a modern twist, her poetry is highlited with beautiful and sometimes unsettling soundscapes in her debut EP. Can't wait to hear what's coming next from her!
Paisley Jura @paisleyjura
An original singer songwriter, double bass player, her style blends pop and jazz and many more. Her voice can ber fragile and breathy or disturbing depending on the mood. Her songwriting has the depth of an accomplished musician and writer. To discover asap!
Pete Hackett @cultofwedgeuk
Pete Hackett is wonderful. There's no other way to put it. His classic rock is classy. His discography is full of surprises, but there's always great musicianship in his great songs. Tasty music to discover asap.
Phil Cooper @philcoopermusic
A singer songwriter from the UK with a knack for catchy songs, in the folk/rock/pop vein, thoughtful and fun lyrics and a cool energy that's going to win you upon the first listen. What are you waiting for? Have a listen today!
Prettier Than Matt @PTMMusic
A cool eclectic duo with an acoustic twist on pop and rock, with a rootsy americana feel. You will need to listen to their clever songwriting, great groove and Jessica's cherry on top vocal. Try to resist that and tell me about it.
RosesAreBlue @roses97730379
I've actually heard Rose's sweet and sour pop from way back on SoundCloud and as much as her sound has evolved she still has that star quality and that sweet voice of hers that draws you in like a blue cherry kiss.
Ross Seddon @RossSeddonMusic
Ross Seddon is an old timer, like me, he's been around, and his music certainly is rooted in many great influences. Great classic rock and blues, with a distinctive sound and a deep voice. Give that guy a listen, he will rock you!
Rubber Clown Car @rubberclowncar
"Pure pop for paranoid people". Hard to resist, really. This guy is a riot and his music fits the description. Lots of various influences come through but always with his own surprising twist. I'd say give it a go.
Sabrina Fallah @sabrinafallah
A rocker with depth, with a cracking debut EP that showcases her unique voice and distinctive range, singing life, love, joy and sorrow. You won't be sorry listening to her songs and following Sabrina Fallah
Sam Stevens @SamStevensMusic
Dubbed "The James Bond of the Music World", Sam Stevens sure has the voice and the style that would feature perfectly in a movie blockbuster. Check out his new single and wait for that upcoming album, it's going to be big!
Sarah Blacker @sarahblacker
A soulful voice, a mature songwriter, mid-way between Americana, blues, soul and alternative rock, with a great sense of groove that will make you sway along. You can't go wrong with Sarah Blacker and her New England Groove Association.
Saskia Vese @wonderwoman_
With a sound coming from the new Country-rock territory, meaning big production quality and rocking tunes, Saskia's powerful voice shines and wows. A star in the making? Nah. A star right now.
September Campbell @only1september
With a minimalistic style that few can pull off, September's music comes from deep within. She's got a very distinctive and amazing voice that will give you the chills.
Shadow of Everest @ShadowofEverest
Shadow of Everest is a band of fellow Canadians who just released a great new EP "Idle Hands" that will rock you just the right way, with a sound that's more similar to good old classic rock than nowadays metal. Me likey!
Sharon Lia Band @SharonLiaBand
You will be hard pressed to find a better combination of emotionally powerful rock and roll edge and piano-driven melodies. With a great sense of melody and a rocking voice, you're in for a treat with Sharon Lia and her band.
Shïppa-63 @Shippa63
Shippa is a one man band with a Brit sound from Australia and a taste for French culture… Eclecticism is the name of the game with that guy, who can go from one furious punk song to some trippy psychedelia.
Signals @SignalsUK
Do you know about Math Rock/Pop? No? Well, it's time to discover that music which is as much sophisticated than it is raw. Like a cross between King Crimson and the Clash. This band is a great example of this with the added charm of a great female vocalist. Check them out!
Simon Baum @SimonBaumMusic
Simon Baum music is acoustic goodness, with a great voice and clever songs, with thoughtful lyrics. A really cool UK singer songwriter to discover absolutely, the sooner, the better!
Soul Snakes @soulsnakes
Their openly vintage sound shouldn't distract from their gorgeous songs, it really enhances the vibe of their soul tinged pop-rock. A tasty treat for the ears!
Soür Bruthers @sourbruthers
Chicago band that plays their classic rock with a country twang, check out their tasty debut EP for a special blend of Americana, Southern rock, blues and Country-rock that will leave you wanting for more!
Sparrows Rising @SparrowsRising
Sparrows rising is great vocals and harmonies first, a kind of cool californian/americana style. Check them out for great music to listen to!
Species Being @SpeciesBeingUS
Experimental / improv progressive rock. If you thing it's out there, then you're probably right. But it's worth a listen because some of their tracks have an hypnotic quality that could well be the next big thing.
Steam Shed @SteamShed
These two will make you smile and laugh and tap your toes, with their acoustic reinventions of classic rock and even classical. This is another must listen!
A great duo from Florence, Italy, with a great sound alternating with soft soundscapes and big delayed guitars, their first album "Youniverse (or the Hidden Worlds Within)" is really defining this new sound and you want to hear it!
Tamanie Dove @TamanieDove
They call her 'The Dove', her blend of pop/country with a pinch of jazz is full of energy and heart and will put a smile on your face. Check out her new "Transformation" and get transformed!
The Acoustics @AcousticsBand
Forl/Rock/World music with a twist? You got it with The Acoustics. With a blend of violin and accordion, they have a style of their own which is warm and rootsy and will put a smile on your face. Give them a try!
The Bearing @TheBearingmusic
The brain child of Alise Kirtley, who writes and produces most of the music, this band has a very distinctive sound, coming from a blend of classical music and many other influences, and sophisticaly layered vocal harmonies to serve social conscious songs. A must listen!
The Bob Lazar Story @boblazarstory
Pretty out there prog band from kiwi land. Surprising and fun, but always awesome musicality. Their motto is "Prog Minus Unicorns"… 'nuff said!
The Dials @thedials
They coined themselves as "Psych garagists from Brighton UK" and they use mellotron extensively in their music. I mean, isn't it awesome? I hear a lot of old Genesis/King Crimson and Canterbury scene in their music so it's pretty great in my book!
The Frontier @Tftheband
Indie pop made right. Led by Jake Mimikos, this band from the D.C. area has a knack for fun and earworm songs, with great arrangements, a distinctive sound blending classic rock with indie flavors. Give them a listen!
The Grand Masquerade @TGMasqueradeSwe
Combining 80s rock culture (and sound) with the Venitian opera and masquerade scene. What a program! The result is a tasty blend of AOR, melodic hard rock, with big guitars and cool harmonies. Hard to resist, really!
The Kramdens @TheKramdens
Alternative rock band from Ontario, Canada. This band is at it since the 90s and you can tell they know a thing or two about songwriting. With a distinctive sound, lead by the soulful voice of Craig Norris voice, a great band to (re)discover.
The Million Reasons @TheMilReasons
You don't need a million reasons to listen to this band. One will be enough: they rock! Their energy and melodic sense is a treat to hear, with hooks gallore and true feel good music.
The Puss Puss Band @puss_band
They say their music is influenced by Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach. This should be enough to check them out. And when you will have, you'll want to hear more!
The Strands @TheStrands1
They define their sound as artisanal, but if that's so then they are artisans who have mastered the songwriting craft to a T. Pop and soul, with hints of jazz, great harmonies and meaningful lyrics, definitely a band to discover.
TolbertToz @TolbertToz
Rocking duo, they write songs with catchy pop undetone but a rock attitude, cool harmonies and a musicianship which is up there with the best. Hurry up and listen!
Tracy Colletto @TracyColletto
If you love your ballads with some depth and poetry and superb orchestrations, you're in for a treat with Tracy and her lovely soprano voice which feels like a cherry on top of these amazing songs of her.
Verity White @VeeBear
If you like your rock with a touch of cheeky poppiness, from a female singer who's got heart and pipes, look no further! Give Verity a listen, you won't regret it!
Whatsisname @seismictc
I'm usually not too much into electronic music. But when it is done with taste and with subtle hints and influences of prog rock, then I'm listening. And so should you?
White of the Waves @WhiteoftheWaves
It's a shame that not much people listen to instrumental music nowadays, especially when it has depth like with this band. Let yourself go on a journey with that music.
With Bravado @with_Bravado
Cool rocking alternative Band from Tennessee, with a sound of their own that will rock your booty! They definitely need a website, but for now check out their uber cool video!
World5 @World5music
Big soundind pop rock, think Toto meet Simple Minds, U2, Talk Talk and/or any of the best 80s New Wave rock band, these guys have much to seduce and their music feels big and bold. Try them today!
Zoë Wren @zoewrenmusic
When an artist cites Joni Mitchell as a main influence, you know you're in for a treat. Her thoughtful folk music has a definite modern edge, yet a Celtic tinge to it and a voice that holds the comparison to her model. In short, this is a young artist from the UK that you want to discover!