Dark Horse Flyer "High Five"

You're in for a treat this week with this track called "High Five" from Dark Horse Flyer! 

They have mastered the classic rock to a T, and this song is a clear homage to Steely Dan, as you will likely hear. They even go as far as adding a wink to Deacon Blues and Black Cow!  
Everything about it is so well done, awesome arrangement and performances all over. This is no fake, guys! It's the real deal.
And the whole album is high quality classic rock, like it used to be.

Close your eyes and enjoy as I did! 

Get the album from their website, you can also buy a vinyl if you fancy it: https://darkhorseflyerstore.com/ 

Website: http://darkhorseflyer.com/ 

Twitter: @DarkHorseFlyer 
FB: https://www.facebook.com/darkhorseflyer

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