Needle drop...

OK, I admit: this sound turns me on!

So much memories that goes with it, from the first time I’ve heard that sound to the hundreds of records I’ve kept playing on what couldn’t be called a hi-fi setup. The first turntable I owned looked like a suitcase, you opened it up and voila!

The speaker (yes it was mono) was in the top part and the turntable underneath, and there was a tube amp underneath.

The problem with the tube amp was that if you forgot to remove the LP and went away for a while, it was overheating, and you came back to find the disk roasted and bent to such an extent that the needle was struggling to follow what was now looking like a miniature roller coaster.

Later on, I finally got a real hifi setup and boy was the sound marvelous, and that initial thrill of hearing the needle go down on that new LP you had just bought added to the experience and the suspense.

Perhaps if they added that sound to the online streaming sites nowadays this would appeal more to old git like me? :D

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