Invisible release

Montréal, QC, Canada - October 20th, 2017

On this date, Ghostly Beard will release his second album “Invisible”.
The songs collection forms a unique blend of jazz, fusion and soft rock.

The eleven-track album opens with the up tempo “Upper Hand”, a tasty blend of jazz and soft rock, complete with horns section, the second track “Set Me Free” is resolutely jazz-rock fusion with keys and guitar solos, “How Can I?” mellows into soft rock, when “A Reason to Leave” is catchy jazz oriented pop rock. The “Blue” ballad is a heartwarming fatherly love song, while “Lazy (from Time to Time)” jazzes it up. “The Odds of Our Lives” ventures into Bossa-Nova with a twist, while “I Dream of You” is a chill down-tempo ballad, then followed by the lively jazz of “Along the Road”. The comedic “Fool” offers smile inducing self-deprecation, and the final “Someday” ends it all with an acoustic tone and soft harmonies.

Various videos will be produced for the occasion, starting with an official video for "Blue", which will start the release promotion ahead of time.

Make sure to mark the date to taste it all while it’s fresh!