Eclectic Underground

Today I thought it was time to tell you about the Eclectic Underground

I have always said everywhere that I was proud and happy to be independent. Meaning no label is going to tell me what music I should record, no producer is going to tell me how it should sound, no one but me is responsible for the music I do.

I cherish that freedom and would not trade it for all the fame and money of the world. As an artist I want to be able to explore my own ways, my own sounds, my own style. One example of that is the new album that I just released which is resolutely different from the previous EP. I know people might not follow me on that but genres are irrelevant to me. I do the music I love, and I leave you to call it whatever you want…

So, you might ask why I joined this collective of artists who all come from different background, different music and different tastes? Is it a label?

The fact is that I also share a lot of ideas with these people. Mainly that we, as indie artists, want to share and care and that we’re all in it together. I wrote a few times about that already and still believe it strongly.

So I totally adhere to the Eclectic Underground motto, which is “A collective of like minded but musically individual indie bands and artists. Not so much a label more a mutually beneficial musical commune.”

As Erin At Eleven said so well on her own blog: “We believe in writing, recording and producing our own music. We support one another & other independent artists we like.” - Yay to that!

You can find us on Bandcamp at and hear a sample of the diversity in our collective here:

I wish more indie artists will join us soon and share and care with us!