Canada 150

Yesterday was Canada day and the country was celebrating the 150th birthday of the confederation.

Although I’ve been living in Montreal since 2005, I’ve only been a real Canadian for a couple of months, since I only applied for citizenship recently, which was granted on May 3rd during a ceremony that celebrated multiculturalism and the values of the country.

I’m pretty proud of being Canadian actually. Not that I disown my French roots in any way but Canada is a country looking towards the future more than the past and its values of openness and welcoming immigration policy is something I really appreciate.

Unlike its southern neighbours (this spells with "ou" here!), it is a safe country to live in, and the social climate is not one of fear and distrust. It is the country we have chosen to raise our daughter because of this, among other reasons.

I also like that its thoroughly North American culture is still pumped with European blood and this can be seen in many places all over the country. Montreal in particular still shares a lot of its culture with France and is proud of its French roots. An ideal place for me to live in.

If only Winter didn’t last that long! :D

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