Captain SIB "Ballad of a fading robot"

It's a real pleasure for me to introduce my pick of the week: a song from Captain SIB "the greatest band you've never heard". 

Iain Fraiser and his crew formed a band in the UK 15 years ago. Then they spent a lot of time promoting others music on various platforms, but they are back in full force now and present on the internet and putting out their music which is very diverse and ranges from indie, electronica, rock/pop, rock out, not so hard rock and psychedelia...

The song I chose is one of my favorite among many others of them, it's the tale of a robot lost in space, and the song structure itself reinforces the pathos of this tale of loneliness and robotic desperation.  

Listen to the Rhodes, which is really the voice of that robot, and the awesome build near the end, complete with tribal percussion that would make Peter Gabriel proud.  

You can hear this song on Soundcloud and even download it there:

You can find Captain SIB on Soundcloud:

Twitter: @captainsib 

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