The Puss Puss Band "Bucko's Lullaby"

For this week's pick of the week, I chose a band that you already know and love...  

They've been played on KB Radio for a while, they are in the top 10, I'm talking of course about the infamous Puss Puss band!  
Their track "Alone" is doing great on KB Radio and I think Al has played a couple of other tracks as well, like "Feline Fine" but I chose another one for my pick tonight.  

Truly I could have chosen any song from their debut album "Echoes across the cruel sea" because they are all amazing. This one is the album opener, it's called "Bucko's Lullaby" and it will put you in the mood for the whole album with this fun glockenspiel melody that grabs you straight away. 

This is a track that grows and ebbs and flows and right there you know this is not your ordinary band. With the beautiful understated piano/organ part of guest star John Rabbit Bundrick, Lee and Asa have managed the perfect opening track for the perfect debut album.

You can find The Puss Puss Band and buy their album on Bandcamp:

Also Soundcloud:
Twitter: @puss_band