I found this wonderful picture by August Muench which showed the shadow of a little girl playing with a balloon, dressed as a fairy, and the shadow of that fairy on the brick wall appealed to me and talked to me in a profound way. The contrast of that shadow on the warm tone of the bricks.

Because most of my music is about absence, memories of the past, childhood, regrets and hopes, emotions and the possibility of something else, time and life… this image resonated with me and I thought about using it to represent a collection of songs that I would have called “Invisible”.

Invisible, because the music I’ve done has been mostly unheard of for years, and because I’m not a social artist, nor a public person. You might well have crossed my shadow in the streets, and not known about my music, and I didn’t know about you and it’s the way it is for most of us anyway.

Photographs speak to me in a similar way that music does.
It is a play with time. A way to capture a moment.
Photography is about freezing time, music is about playing with it.

I love both arts, although I must confess that I’m not a photographer, what I want to do here is to find a way to cross photography and music in a way that would capture time and create emotions. Hopefully you will follow that journey.

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