Jesse Thom "Marrow"

It's a pleasure for me to introduce on KB Radio "the house party" my first Pick of the week, this song called "Marrow" from Jesse Thom... 

Jesse Thom is a multidisciplinary artist and meditation coach living in British Columbia, Canada.
His work combines dream/storybook music, poetry, photography, film, illustrations and puppetry to create immersive experiences of warmth and connection. 

This song is especially touching as it is dedicated to his older brother Alex who died of bone marrow cancer at the age of 8 years old. Jesse was only 5 years old at the time and this song is really a way for him to deal with the grief and to remember his brother.

I really love the delicate arrangement and the beautiful melody of this one, with its great acoustic guitar tone, the airy vocal of Rachel Thom, the understated percussion and Jesse's heart pouring out of his vocal, and finally the snippets of an interview of a little boy which concludes the song. A true piece of art and love.

If you want to know more about Jesse Thom, head over to his website: 

The song "Marrow" can be found on the wonderful "snowdragons" album that you can buy here:

Please, also go and watch the awesome video for this song on Youtube:

Twitter: @jessethomtweets

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