Laughing with the Raindrops "Any Joke"

My pick of the week this time is a song from Virginie Lacour-Puiboube's Laughing with the raindrops band's debut album. 

Virginie is a French artist, guitarist and singer-songwriter who moved to London to pursue her music career. She's been in various bands and has now formed her own band with seasoned UK musicians.

The song is the second one from this great album. KB Radio listeners might be familiar with another cool song that's been played often there called "Did I miss my cue?", but this is another superb song, called "Any Joke", that I chose because of its unusual structure and how it ebbs and flows.  

Starting in the middle of a jazz jam session, the song then blends into soul/funk and after many awesome detours, closes the loop with a return to the initial jazz vibe. Here, Virginie tells about this moment in time when you separate with a loved one, and how you ask people around you to tell a joke, "Any Joke".

Get the song with this great album here:

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