From the recording INWARD

Music and lyrics ©2018 Patrick Talbot
All instruments and vocals by Patrick Talbot
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Patrick Talbot at GB Studio, Montreal, Canada


Nine to five
You leave your soul behind
And trade your worried mind
To earn your place back in the line
Another time

In the hive
You can't get by until
You fit right in the middle
To help your pain die just a little
From nine to five


You're barely alive

Just another day
To make it through
All you do is
Give your light away

You play another play
To muddle through
But you do need to
Get back to older ways

Never ever
Turning around
Never ever
Looking back


Nine to five
How will you find your way
And flee out of the maze
When you're still living in a haze
Of petty crime?

You won't survive
Unless you face yourself
And deal with all the shadows
Of all your failures, your denials
And lay them down


Home at last
And now you're left to fight
The battle in your cage
That leave you breathless, out of rage
And broken down

You reach the end
You feel the burden growing
Curtain falling down
Your last attempt, a final draw
Another chance?