1. Set Me Free

From the recording INVISIBLE

I wish the past could set me free!

Music and lyrics ©2017 Patrick Talbot
All instruments and vocals by Patrick Talbot
Recorded and mixed by Patrick Talbot at GB Studio, Montreal, Canada
Mastered by Adrian Jenkinson at Hairy Monster Studio, Hull, UK


Do you remember the power in our hands?
The fire in our veins...
Running together, and there would be no end
to the spirit and the flame.

Born in a fever, the music in our heads
was stronger than a chain.
As we grew older, how much of that remained?
How much has passed away?

Over and over, we've looked for something else,
We fell and rose again...
Deeper and deeper, there really was no end
in that far away land.

And I still remember, what all this means to me
is everything, you see.
It's now or never, back where I used to be,
this time you have to set me free...

Set me free