Our old dial telephone was beige



Remember these? If you’re old enough, you might…

I remember when this first came in into our house, it was put in the entrance, and you had to physically go there to actually make a call. You couldn’t put it in your pocket, nor move around the house with it, let alone go outside…

I bet most teenagers nowadays wouldn’t know how to operate this thing :)
There was no screen, but hey! there was a separate speaker, so you could have 2 people listening to a conversation at a time! That’s right!

I remember my mom, who had long conversations with her sister living in another town, used to pull up a chair in the corridor because she was tired after a while.

And oh! The price of a subscription, and how much each minutes was expensive. Happy days?

Now there were some advantages to it: for example, people were unlikely to use it at the diner table, and it was easy to forget it when you were outside. So people couldn’t actually reach you 24/7…

Imagine that! :D

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