Daisy O'Connor "Do Be Do"

Such a fun song this one, called "Do be do" from Daisy O'Connor debut EP. 

Daisy O'Connor has such a distinctive style, a blend of folk, pop, country and her songs are always warm and fun. 
This song…

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Clint Slate "Dead of the Night"

A great song from a French artist and his band this time with "Dead of the night" from Clint Slate's new "Woodn Bones" album. 

The cool thing about the album is that it has been entirely recorded in…

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Mirenda Rosenberg "Go"

A real treasure of a song this week for you all peeps!

It's called "Go" and it's a new single from Mirenda Rosenberg who is an American singer songwriter now living in Ireland. 

She has been influenced…

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Kafkadiva "Maybe"

Such a fun song this week for my pick of the week. You're gonna love it! 

It's called "Maybe" from the band "Kafkadiva" which is a trio from the UK. This song is from their debut album "Big Toes…

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Laughing with the Raindrops "Any Joke"

My pick of the week this time is a song from Virginie Lacour-Puiboube's Laughing with the raindrops band's debut album. 

Virginie is a French artist, guitarist and singer-songwriter who moved to London to pursue her music career. She's

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Captain SIB "Ballad of a fading robot"

It's a real pleasure for me to introduce my pick of the week: a song from Captain SIB "the greatest band you've never heard". 

Iain Fraiser and his crew formed a band in the UK 15 years ago.

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The Puss Puss Band "Bucko's Lullaby"

For this week's pick of the week, I chose a band that you already know and love...  

They've been played on KB Radio for a while, they are in the top 10, I'm talking of course about the

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Jesse Thom "Marrow"

It's a pleasure for me to introduce on KB Radio "the house party" my first Pick of the week, this song called "Marrow" from Jesse Thom... 

Jesse Thom is a multidisciplinary artist and meditation coach living in British Columbia,

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