Gregory M. Hurley "Be With You"

The pick of the week this time is a song called "Be With You" by Gregory Hurley 

Gregory is an unsigned artist from Michigan that I've first heard a long time ago on SoundCloud. I was really happy…

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Alison Rose "Valerie"

My pick of the week today is a song called "Valerie" from Alison Rose "Come a little closer" debut album. 

Alison is an unsigned artist from Ottawa, who has written and produced and apparently played most of the instruments…

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Ebb & Nova "The Good Climb"

Ebb & Nova is a 4 piece band from Maryland, with a distinctive folk/indie sound, which blends acoustic guitars and cello melodies with a soulful and charming female vocal, producing a great blend of peaceful and thoughtful music, along…

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Ortense Blue "Hammer and Chisel"

Today's pick of the week is the song "Hammer and Chisel" from Ortense Blue,

Ortense Blue is a British artist now living in Wales, who is creating her own style of ambient folk music with a dark modern…

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Oh Tambo "Loophole" 

Oh Tambo is a band from Sweden. It's "Soulful rock by real people" in their own words. 

The song is a powerful rock anthem about warfare in the name of religion which questions why we can't live side by…

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SURfACE "Something in Between"

The pick of the week this time is a song called "Something in Between" from SURfACE 

SURfACE is a duo from Florence, Italy. They have released a first album called "Youniverse (or the Hidden Worlds Within)" which in…

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Dandelion Charm "September"

My pick of the week this time is coming from "Riding the flood", the freshly released EP of Dandelion Charm.

KB Radio listeners of course know all about Dandelion Charm, with their tune "Skywalker" from their previous EP…

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Ana Patan "General Conspiracy"

The pick of the week is a song called "General Conspiracy" from singer-songwriter Ana Patan 

The song has clever lyrics, infectious groove and spicey guitars.
Ana is a great guitarist who plays something else than the same old…

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The Strands "Feelin' it"

The pick of the week this time is the song "Feelin' it" from The Strands 

KB Radio listeners probably know about the band with their song "Flying" which is in heavy rotation here. 
This one is another great…

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Paisley Jura "26 Degrees"

My pick of the week today is Paisley Jura with her song "26 degrees" from her album "Time is how you spend your love" 

She's a Canadian artist from Toronto and you will gather that when she sings about…

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Signals "Recuperate"

For my pick of the week this time, I chose a song called "Recuperate" from the UK band "Signals" 

The genre is called "Math-Rock" whatever that is. To me it sounds like King Crimson from the 80s Discipline…

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Dark Horse Flyer "High Five"

You're in for a treat this week with this track called "High Five" from Dark Horse Flyer! 

They have mastered the classic rock to a T, and this song is a clear homage to Steely Dan, as you…

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